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blind faith, matilda martel

Blind Faith (Love is Blind #3) by Matilda Martel – Free eBooks Download


Father Galen Murphy doesn’t want to be a priest anymore.

Born into power and privilege, at eighteen, he defied destiny and renounced his birthright. For twenty-four years, he’s followed his calling and served God, living a life of poverty and chastity.
But something is missing.
When a tragic loss makes him question his faith, and a pair of dark brown eyes make him rethink his choices, Galen takes off his collar and chooses an ordinary life.
Birdie Garcia is too young for a forty-two-year-old man. She’s prudish and devout, with an old soul, a reverent heart, and a sensible head on her shoulders. No stranger to hard work, she makes it her mission to help launch her beloved sister’s matchmaking business—until their newest client turns out to be a priest!
She couldn’t possibly help lead one of God’s anointed further away from his calling. It’s forbidden, sacrilegious, and will surely earn her a first-class ticket to hell.
Then why does she fantasize about the sweetest man she’s ever met? Why does she dream of his handsome face, his majestic frame, and the storm-blue eyes that have the power to see into her soul?
Galen knows he’s found the girl of his dreams. Despite Birdie’s reluctance and their twenty-three-year age difference, he won’t be dissuaded. He’s a patient man with years of practice at self-denial. How difficult can a few more months of simmering sexual tension, burgeoning lust, and explosive desire be? Find out!

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