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Blake (Alpha Firefighters #4) by Sophie Sparks – Free eBooks Download


He’s a devastatingly handsome alpha firefighter. She’s a younger curvy beauty with a heart the size of Everest. When their souls collide on a heavenly beach… their worlds are about to change… forever.

To a sea of four thousand adoring faces, Lucy Sancho just sang at Parfield’s annual beach festival. The whole town is buzzing, everyone alive with summer heat and feverish excitement.
But I don’t hear or feel anything outside the touch of her skin on mine. As I walk hand-in-hand with the confident Penny Lloyd, the raw, undeniable magnetism between us is palpable.
With my mouth now just inches from the cherry lips of this curvy goddess… I feel my whole world is about to change.
A second later, with the look in her stunning green eyes telling a very different story, she pulls away.
Hiding my disappointment, I hear her wish me well and then I watch her sexy curves grow smaller until she disappears into the high street.
What the hell have you done to me, Penny Lloyd? I wonder, barely able to move.
Why do I feel like I’ve met you before?
And will I ever see you again?

Turning as I corner the busy high street, I can still see his enormous, masculine physique through the dense crowd of festival goers. Barely moving as he stares in my direction, Blake’s bulky biceps glisten against the ocean’s edge.
Pissed at myself and my current circumstances, I can’t believe I had to pull away from that kiss.
But he’s already said too much…
His honest, heartfelt words have darkened my world and I need someone to tell me that everything is going to be okay.
I need him to hold me. But maybe he deserves more than I can offer him…
Hoping and praying that the next two hours don’t unfold as I fear they may, I suck in a deep breath and summon my inner successful businesswoman.
I hope to finish what we started real soon, my lonely heart whispers to the hottest man I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet.
Thinking I can see Blake wave and smile in acknowledgement, I turn and march towards the centre of town with so much fear and dread crushing my chest…

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