Blackmailing the Denton Girl by Sam Crescent (ePUB)

blackmailing denton girl, sam crescent

Blackmailing the Denton Girl (The Denton Family Legacy #7) by Sam Crescent – Free eBooks Download


Tamsin doesn’t want to be married. She ran away from home and started a new life for herself far away from any Denton. However, she knows there is always danger lurking. Mason Savonas is closing in, and she cannot fall into his trap.

Mason has no choice, he has to find Tamsin Denton before his father does. His father likes them young, and he has set his sights on the youngest Denton. He does not want war between their families, but peace. After finding Tamsin, he does negotiate. He will keep all of her secrets, and all she has to do is marry him.
For two years, Mason surprises her. He is the perfect gentleman. She wants to hate him, but little by little, she sees the true man that he is, and it is not someone she hates.
But there is trouble brewing. Mason could not kill his father due to the consequences, but he has just uncovered a loophole. Only Tamsin can kill him, and he will not ask his young wife to kill a man. Can she do it, or will it be too late to save everyone from all out war?

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