Bitters and Beauty by Bailey Swan (ePUB)

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Bitters and Beauty (Stonemore Heights) by Bailey Swan – Free eBooks Download


Tyler Fox has major commitment issues when it comes to anyone who isn’t: 1) related by blood, 2) his best friend from college, or 3) his 1969 Chevrolet Impala.

He doesn’t do serious, and he never does second dates.
Until he comes dangerously close to hooking up with Naomi, the feisty woman who owns the salon next door to his bar. They’ve traded insults and barbs for years, but when he finally gets a taste of her, he knows he’s in trouble.
Naomi is a straight up girl boss who runs her salon six days a week, handles her business, and would do anything for her sweet rescue dog. She has no time for relationship drama and zero interest in dealing with Tyler. Not when the guy ghosted her after their tipsy make out session a couple of months earlier.
But when she discovers the Fox brothers bought the building the building she rents so they can expand their bar, her world is turned upside down.
Now, she only has three months to find a new location and come up with the money to move her salon or she’ll be forced to close up shop for good. And if that wasn’t bad enough, everywhere she turns, Tyler is standing in her way.

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