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Bitter Prince (Stolen Empire #1) by Eva Winners – Free eBooks Download


Once upon a time, a lion saved a girl. His little cinnamon girl.

That lion grew up into a prince. Dark, bitter, and so beautiful that it
hurt to look at him.
But underneath it all, the girl saw the man. She saw his hunger for love
and affection, and she had plenty to give.
I was that girl. I fell in love, even though he told me not to. I gave him
everything, because that was who I was.
I was determined to show him the light in this world, and his smiles
were what I lived for. He was my art, my melody, my muse. We were beautiful together.
So I gave and gave, all to my bitter prince. Until I had nothing left to give.
Until he left me empty.
No one warned me love would push me into darkness so cold, it’d tear me apart.
To survive, I’d have to kill the cinnamon girl and become someone else. Someone I didn’t recognize.

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