Bite of Loyalty by R.L. Caulder (ePUB)

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Bite of Loyalty (Blood Oath #1) by R.L. Caulder – Free eBooks Download


Being the sole survivor of the Van Helsing family was never a burden I wanted to carry.
Yet here I was, an orphan with a score to settle against Dracula for orchestrating the near genocide of my bloodline.
One small kink in that plan: I was turned into the blood sucking creature that I was born to destroy.
Being admitted into the Dark Imaginarium Academy to hone my new skills as a vampire, and to survive the blood lust, was the first step towards achieving that particular goal.
No one was prepared for me…A vampire slayer amidst their ranks.
But I wasn’t prepared for them.
Lincoln, Andrei, and Drake.
My teacher, the star pupil at the academy, and my ultimate sworn enemy.
They weren’t going to let me get my revenge without blood being spilled.
Luckily, I’m okay with coating my nails with the entrails of anyone who stands in my way.
My name is Alina Van Helsing and I’m out for blood.

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