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Bishop (JunkYard Dogs #1) by Z. Raven – Free eBooks Download


I have been in the MC life since I was born. Originally the daughter of the Sergeant At Arms to the National Chapter things were okay.
Dad moves us to New Jersey to run his own chapter. Always needing to control everything, even his kids.
I rebel against him, my mom, and my twin. The MC has an SoF (Save our Freyja) set up for when I get into trouble. I learned that my Uncle’s club knows when I’m in trouble.
On one of my adventures when I’m upset with my father, I find myself in Pennsylvania at my Uncle’s compound. I run right into the arms of my Uncle’s Vice President.

I spent many years serving my country as a Marine. When you leave they don’t tell you how hard it is to adjust.
While working as a bouncer at a bar a guy walks in wearing a cut that says he’s a member of the JunkYard Dogs. I prospect to become a member. Getting the brotherhood I was missing.
When that guy becomes President of our MC I get promoted to Vice President. Gaining his family as my own.
The Prez’s rebellious niece comes running into my arms. Needing me. I will be the one to show her just how much control she really needs me to give her.

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