Billionaire’s Fake Plus One by Mila Sutton (ePUB)

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Billionaire’s Fake Plus One by Mila Sutton – Free eBooks Download


Being the twins’ nanny is a dream.
Their grumpy dad… a total hot nightmare.

So why am I boarding his private jet, pretending to be his girlfriend?
Oh right, he’s paying me A LOT of money.

He didn’t approve when I dated his brother.
And he just caught me half naked in his pool.
But we live under the same roof this Summer, and your girl gets hot.

I hate the way he watches me.
But his daughters need me and I need to pay off hospital bills.
So I agreed to be his wedding date. For a price.

What he failed to mention:
The groom is my ex.
And we have to share a bed.

Kissing in public is easy.
But when his tawny gaze burns into me even behind closed doors,
Pretending I still hate him is torture.

His ex saw him as just a pay day.
If only he could stop seeing me as just the nanny.

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