Billionaire Wolf’s Forbidden Mate by Alicia Banks (ePUB)

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Billionaire Wolf’s Forbidden Mate (Billionaire Shifters’ Nanny Mates #6) by Alicia Banks – Free eBooks Download


One assignment and both of their lives were never going to be the same again.

Noah was the enemy and when I heard that I would be working for him, I wanted to run away.
Noah was not just a Royal Wolf, but the Alpha’s half-brother.
It was going to be a disaster. I just knew it.
Working for Noah wasn’t half bad, but that was a bigger problem than him being horrible like his brother Jacob.
I started to feel something for him, my enemy.
His charming smile and the hard body wasn’t something that I could ignore forever.
I started to feel too much for my new billionaire employer.
Sabotaging my job so that I could be sent back to the factory where I came, I got what I wanted.
Noah sent me away and I was left with regret.
I had sabotaged my job, and Noah’s previous PA was missing.
I found her and then Noah took me back.
This time, we broke all the rules and fell in love.
It was forbidden, love. We both knew it.
He was a Royal and I was a Silver. It could never be.
But that didn’t stop me from melting into his arms and giving him anything that he wanted.

Brenda was an old flame that I’d crushed on for years.
She never gave me the time of day.
Now, Jacob had sent her to work for me, while I looked for Laurie.
I wasn’t happy about it, because I knew that it would bring back all of the old feelings I had for her, the ones I’d pushed down deep.
Living with her, seeing her barely clad in the mornings was harder on my system than I imagined.
I wanted her even more.
Brenda betrayed me and I had to send her away for a time.
When Laurie was saved by her, I knew that I’d been wrong. About everything.
Brenda fell into my arms, and it went against everything.
It went against my Alpha and my brother.
I found myself talking to enemies, learning my brother’s secrets.
I soon knew that if Brenda was ever to be my mate, I was going to have to reach for the destiny that I’d always feared, as well as the confrontation I dreaded.
The two lovers find themselves on a mountain full of enemies, talking to a seer that knew the truth. Their love was one for the ages. It was destiny that had brought Brenda and Noah together, nothing less.

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