Billion Dollar Chance by Linnea May (ePUB)

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Billion Dollar Chance (The Billionaire Dollar Pact #1) by Linnea May – Free eBooks Download


I’m richer than the richest, and my voice has the power to override laws. But to get here, I had to push her out of my life.
Now she’s back—and she needs my help.

Ella Whitt. My college fling, my fiery adventure from the past, the ex who vanished and turned into nothing but a piercing regret.
Until she resurfaces when I least expect it.
She’s still just as brazen, bewitching and excruciatingly irresistible—still the same addictive flame that charred me all those years ago. One look and I’m smitten all over again.
She’s in trouble, and I’m the only one who can help her. As a friend, of course, for old times’ sake. Nothing more.

Ella can never know about my voracious need for her, because I forbid myself to act on it. Nothing good can come from hooking up with your ex, especially when she’s still as flaky, devious and annoyingly idealistic as she was all those years ago.
And she can never know about the pact I made with my college friends — a pact to find a wife and secure my wealth in my name.
Because it definitely won’t be her.

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