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big switch, tarin lex

Big Switch (The Switch #2) by Tarin Lex, Lana Dash – Free eBooks Download


I’m the youngest of four, the only daughter, and a “daddy’s girl” to the core. I even follow in his footsteps by studying law. So when I get the news that they are not my biological family, my life and identity are thrown into question. My other family lives out in the country, and it’s clear from the start that they just don’t get me. The only person I easily connect with is their hot cowboy neighbor who works for my dad. I might even fantasize about living the small-town life with him…but neither of my dads would ever approve.

The Hardins are like a second family to me. They gave me a job as a farmhand, let me park my trailer on the perimeter of their property, and there is always a spot for me at their dining room table. Hank and Marjorie treat me like a son and their three girls are like sisters to me. So when I meet the daughter they didn’t even know they had, I know I should keep a respectable distance. But with those curves that don’t quit, that bright smile, and a heart big enough for this small town, I reckon she is a risk worth taking.

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