Big Brutal Roughneck by Cassi Hart (ePUB)

big brutal roughneck, cassi hart

Big Brutal Roughneck (Big Burly Romance #2) by Cassi Hart – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always been a bit of a misfit, never really fitting in anywhere. I don’t party with others my age or go on dates. All I really want to do is study and finish my degree, so I can start my career as a chemical engineer. The oil industry has always fascinated me, so when my so-called friends invite me out for a day of boating with the promise of an up-close view of a working oil rig, I jump at the chance, despite my reservations. Turns out, I should have trusted my gut and stayed on dry land. But if I’d done that, I wouldn’t have been rescued by the handsome roughneck with a dangerous past.

Getting sent out to deal with a bunch of drunken college kids joy riding on their daddy’s boat is the last thing I want to do after a long shift on the rig. But with a storm approaching, someone has to scare some sense into these kids, and I’m the best man for the job. But when I reach the boat and lock eyes with a beautiful blonde, everything I thought I wanted is flipped on its head. Before I know it, I’m whisking her away back to the rig with me. The storm that rages on the ocean is nothing compared to what I feel for this angel. But what do I have to offer a woman like Briar? Even so, when the Coast Guard arrives the next morning with allegations of kidnapping, saying goodbye is the last thing I want to do. One night is all it takes for me to decide Briar is mine.

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