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Big Bad Girl (Beta Beta Psi #2) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


If my sorority sisters knew what I had to do to get where I am today, I’ll bet my standing at Beta Beta Psi would get revoked immediately. Forget Greek life; if my true identity comes to light, I’ll be kicked out of school altogether. You see, I’m on the run from the mob after carrying out the ultimate revenge on the man who stole my childhood. It was vengeance ten years in the making, and I have no regrets. The only thing I regret is that I’ve attracted the attention of a lovable guy who takes it upon himself to help me out in a jam. If that weren’t foolish enough, I’m now repaying the favor by acting like his fake fiancee. Yes, my life choices are questionable at best. How long can one woman maintain so many layers of deceit? Not much longer than a blink of an eye — a pair of gorgeous gray eyes that have shown me love I hardly deserve.

My siblings love to remind me that I’ve been at college for two years and still have never brought home a girlfriend. They should mind their own business, but they mean well. I have been dreading going home for the big family reunion to face more questions about my social life, so when the radiant Mila pops into view in the most unexpected way, I take it as a sign. She’s a tough one, though. My awkwardness with women doesn’t help me convince her to give me a shot, but I’ve got her attention once I’m able to help her avoid disciplinary action by the university. Now that I’m starting to uncover her secrets, she’s way more than a study buddy — she’s the most fascinating woman I’ve ever met. Just ask my family. They’ve already made it clear they love her and won’t let me mess this up.

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