Beyond Two Realms by Mazrine L. Amaris (ePUB)

beyond two relams, mazrine l amaris

Beyond Two Realms (Two Realms #2) by Mazrine L. Amaris – Free eBooks Download


Faery is on death’s doorstep… and Sophie is nowhere to be found.

Heartbroken. Hurting. Hollow. Sophie Taliesin finds herself back at square one in a new realm – the Godlands. Though this new world brings new adventures, grief is a looming darkness whose bite she can’t seem to shake.
Kaine, in desperate search for Sophie, leaps from the ledge of sanity. He plays into the bloodied hands of Queen Calliea and makes good on his promise… to start a war in the name of the only woman who has shown him love.
As the last standing courts of Faery fall to the blight and the evil of the Shadow Realm burgeons, Sophie must return to Faery. But to face her greatest betrayal and an even greater threat, she will need to control her powers.

The key not only lies in her own veiled past, but the one she shares with an angel of the Tienthan – Acheron Taranis.

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