Beyond the Perished Woods by Tracy Lauren (ePUB)

beyond perished woods, tracy lauren

Beyond the Perished Woods by Tracy Lauren – Free eBooks Download


In the humble village of Winstonshire stands Edenbridge Hall, a lonely and forgotten estate on the edge of a cursed forest. It is here that the young Victoria Fairfax finds herself torn between duty and desire. To save her small family from financial ruin, she is forced to marry, and an engagement to the elderly Lord Harrington seems to be her only option.
Arriving at Edenbridge Hall, she meets Lord Harrington’s nephew, Elias. A hulking and bitter young man, Elias is spurned by the women of Winstonshire because of his scarred face and too-rugged appearance. When Victoria discovers Elias’s true nature, their forbidden love blossoms amidst the shadows of secrecy and fear.
Beyond the Perished Woods is a tale of love, pride, and the enduring power of the human heart. Will Victoria and Elias defy the odds and forge a future together, or will their love be lost in the shadows of the Perished Woods?

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