Beware the Devil by Samantha Cade (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

beware the devil, samantha cade, epub, pdf, mobi, download

Beware the Devil (Mafia Soldiers #3) by Samantha Cade – Free eBooks Download


I made a deal with the devil.

Salvatore Mariano, the handsome, domineering, dark apparition of a man is my landlord. When my pay gets cut, putting me below the income requirements for the building, I’d rather move out than ask him for a favor. But he offers me a deal. If I pretend to be his girlfriend for the sake of his ailing uncle, he’ll let me stay.
I get the unshakable feeling that he’s watching me. Whenever I try to search his name on the internet, my wifi mysteriously goes out. I feel his eyes everywhere, in the walls of my apartment, witnessing my most intimate moments. I sense him pulling invisible strings that control my actions. It scares me how much this excites me. When I start to chip away at his charming facade to the damaged man underneath, I fear our “relationship” will lead to my heartbreak.

But once I find out who I’m really dealing with, it’s not just my heart that’s on the line, it’s my life.
I’m the villain in this story.

The Mariano Family, my family, killed my father. To destroy them, I’ll need to get back into their good graces, and that’s where Molly comes in. My sweet Molly, my little puppet. She fears me, making her easy to control. By faking a relationship with her, I present myself as a new, redeemed man. And tying Molly up in my dungeon is just an added benefit.
But Molly’s awakened my senses that have been dulled by a lifetime of chasing adrenaline highs. She’s making me feel emotions that I thought I’d long since killed. I find it difficult to use her, then throw her away as I’ve done so many others.
Once Uncle Franco gets his hooks into her, she might bleed to death. Now, I have to choose between Molly, or my revenge. Am I the villain, or the hero?

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