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better be rowing, rosie birch

Better Be Rowing (Castoria U) by Rosie Birch – Free eBooks Download


Lauren Radtke, Castoria U’s star sculler, is fast on the water, but when it comes to people, she sinks like a stone. Her one and only interview ends with a viral, misquoted “It was wet.”
But when her mom guilts her into appearing on a nationally televised morning show, she knows she needs help.
Kent Brock, life of the party and starting quarterback for the worst football team on the Pacific coast, has one year left to leave a legacy. And not the-scandal-that-shall-not-be-named type of legacy either.
Too bad he’s flunking half his classes, his parents have cut him off, and his teammates refuse to talk to him. To distract himself, he decides to break his one rule and pick up a random fling at the gym.
Little does he know, he’s about to meet local radio pariah and trending meme, Lauren Radtke.
The two form an unlikely pact–media training for math tutoring, relationship coaching for a pretend trainer to appease his parents.
As their lives and lies intertwine, unexpected friendship grows, and their personal and competitive lives are put to the test. But when the time comes, will Lauren find the words to say how she truly feels?
Better Be Rowing is a heartfelt college sports romance between an exceptionally talented but particularly shy star sculler and the life of the party jock who just wants a little more simplicity in his life. As a standalone love story in the Castoria universe, it features a complete romance, a failed makeover, unexpected innuendo, shirtless football players, and of course plenty of Lauren’s favourite animal (and Kent’s favourite thing): beavers.

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