Beta’s Mate by Mia Wolf (ePUB)

beta's mate, mia wolf

Beta’s Mate (Silverdale Wolves #3) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


I was kidnapped to be forced into marriage.
The hideous alpha of the enemy pack picked me as his mate.
And as I sit here tied up in this dark basement, my wolf calls the only one it wants:
The beta wolf with the rough beard and gentle hands. But will he hear me?
We spent one drunken, steamy night together.
My restless dreams are still haunted by the desire in his eyes.
My dark days are lit up only by thoughts of him.
They are the only things that get me through the pain and torture I’m exposed to.
Maybe I never really expected him to find me. But in my restless dreams, there he is…
He managed to cut the ropes, and now we’re lost in the most incredible kiss…
We should run, leave this place, but the pull is unstoppable.
One moment I’m a weak captive, the next I’m a hungry she-wolf bursting with desire.
Am I just hallucinating? Or are my dreams turning into reality?

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