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beta, jillian rink

Beta (Serendipity Omegaverse #1.5) by Jillian Rink – Free eBooks Download


Alphas are strong.
Alphas are possessive.
Alphas are territorial.
Alphas are completely out of my league. For Betas like me, a normal, average life is the standard. We aren’t taught how to handle Alphas or what to expect of Omegas in heat. We’re sent off on our merry way to lead a completely mundane life.
I should have given up the dream of ending up with an Alpha or Omega four years ago when I was ungraciously dumped by my first love. But if there’s something to know about me, it’s that I’m a romantic to the core. So when my sad heart sets its sights on Rylan, the aloof, sexy-as-sin Alpha in the symphony, I know to keep my distance until the interest fades.
Except it doesn’t. And now, I’m forced to be his roommate due to an unfortunate water pipe bursting in my own apartment. Even worse? An Alpha has set his sights on me, and I’m powerless to resist.
I’m caught between two enigmatic Alphas while knowing that none of this can last. And the worst part? I know they’ll take what’s left of my decimated heart with them when they leave. How could they not? They’re Alphas, destined to match with an Omega.
And me?
I’m just a Beta.

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