Best Laid Plans by Emily Silver (ePUB)

best laid plans, emily silver

Best Laid Plans (Colorado Black Diamonds #2) by Emily Silver – Free eBooks Download


A fake girlfriend to improve my image? Yeah, like that’ll work.

I’m known as the bad boy of hockey. The grump. The one everyone stays away from.
Doesn’t matter to me though. All I care about is the game. As long as I keep my head down and it doesn’t affect my spot on the team, I’m good.
Until it does.
To fix my shining reputation, the team sets me up with Piper Fields, the happiest girl on the planet. Now my girlfriend.
Scratch that—my fake girlfriend.
All I have to do is pretend to like her in public and keep my distance in private.
Except that’s not exactly what happens…
With each day we spend together, I find myself forgetting that none of this is real.
Sparks fly and lines blur.
I know she feels it too.
Then, just when I thought I had finally found something to hold on to, someone threatens to expose us.
But just like in the game, I’m in it to win, and this time, I’m going to win her.
For good.

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