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Best Friends with the Girl Dad (Girl Dad) by Kali Hart – Free eBooks Download



Ten years ago, my best friend confessed he was in love with me.
I thought he was joking.
He wasn’t.
He didn’t take the rejection well.
He disappeared.
A decade later, he shows up unannounced at my family’s ranch with a daughter.
He thinks we’re just going to be friends again.
Well, he’s wrong.
Except I’m having a helluva time resisting him.
He’s not some lanky, nerdy boy any more.
He’s all sexy muscle and melt-your-panties hot.
I’m in big trouble.
I know I should keep my distance, but the harder I fight it, the more I want him.


After years of living the city life in the fast lane, I decide to move my daughter back to my hometown.
I give up the cooperate life for the ranch life.
That I’m working—and living—on Lily’s dad’s ranch isn’t a coincidence.
I selfishly want to see how my former best friend’s life has turned out.
Though I decided at six years old that she was the most beautiful woman there ever was, I’m not prepared for the curvaceous beauty she’s become.
The attraction between us burns hotter than the scorching sun.
It’s not just my daughter who’s falling in love with her.
I am too.
This time, I’m not running away.
I’m going to do whatever it takes to prove that the fire blazing between us is the forever kind.

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