Best Friends Backups & Something More by Ranee S. Clark (ePUB)

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Best Friends Backups & Something More by Ranee S. Clark – Free eBooks Download


If “best friends at first sight” were really a thing, Eli Dash would say that’s how his friendship with the new private school teacher, Court Edwards, began. She’s the only person who understands his determination to prove himself as the new L.A. Rays quarterback. She, and nobody else, completely relates to his drive to make everyone forget about last year’s disastrous season with his old team.
She’s also stolen his heart and run off with it, faster than any running back he’s ever met.
The problem is, she’s secretly dating another teacher who also happens to be her department head. She’s completely clueless about Eli’s feelings and seems content to keep him in the friend zone forever. For those reasons alone, Eli should take a sideline bench. Speaking up may risk their friendship, and then he could lose her altogether.
But Eli Dash isn’t the sidelines type. It’s the most critical season of his life, and he refuses to let others call the shots this time—not with their happily-ever-after barely within reach.

Can the new QB take them from friend zone to the end zone? Or is it game over for them both?

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