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Benny (Wylder Mountain Heroes #9) by Tarin Lex – Free eBooks Download


What do you do when your fiancé no-shows on the day of your wedding?
You cry and scream and then wash your face.
And you go on your honeymoon. Alone.
I don’t care if he isn’t here. It’s for the best.
I realize that now.
But some of the activities we planned are more…rugged than I’m used to.
I’m ill-prepared.
Thank goodness for heroes, right?
I’m glad my would-be groom stood me up. I’m glad I came here and I’m even glad that I almost drowned.
Because if none of that happened, I wouldn’t meet Benny.
I just have to convince him he’s worthy of love.

I had a great life as a Wylder Bluffs police officer.
Until the day I screwed up.
I missed a save.
The guilt and regret never stopped torturing me.
So I hung up the uniform and retreated into the mountains.
Thinking the world is better off without me.
Then she showed up.
Mandi almost drowns in my lake after a mishap with her canoe.
Luckily I’m there to see it—and strong enough to swim to her.
She says I saved her life.
I say she saved mine.
I’m ready to really start living again.
And I want Mandi by my side.

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