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Benefactor (Greenbridge Academy #3) by Abby Knox – Free eBooks Download


Need a fixer? A negotiator? Need to throw money at a problem? Rushmore is your man. But as soon as the woman of his dreams, appears on stage, he’s got a whole set of problems that not even he knows exactly how to fix. One of them being, she’s 18. The second problem? She’s his spoiled daughter’s classmate. Confident he can make an arrangement that will satisfy both himself and the beautiful Hunter, he is all set to woo her with flowers, gifts, and anything else her heart desires. He soon discovers, however, that the young lady is not a property to be acquired.

Eighteen-year-old Hunter expects to coast through her senior year and then go to New York to conquer the world. How exactly she’s going to finance these big dreams is the only question. When the answer comes in the form of the dashing Mr. Rushmore — the father of the meanest, richest girl in school — Hunter has a big decision to make. Will having all the material things she’s ever wanted be worth risking her reputation? Maybe not, but she sure is going to have fun while it lasts.

(Possible sensitivity: Our hero has an ex-wife, but no drama occurs with said ex wife in this story.)

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