Beneath the Beastly Duke’s Mask by Abigail Agar (ePUB)

beneath beastly duke's mask, abigail agar

Grumpy Billionaire Firefighter (The Delaney Brothers #3) by Willow Finn – Free eBooks Download


Arabella Lockhart, a spirited woman seeking purpose, becomes entangled in the gripping rumors about the elusive Duke of Richmond. His face, scarred from a tragic accident, piques her curiosity, leading her to boldly infiltrate his estate as a maid to uncover the truth. Arabella’s journey will slowly unravel the mystery behind the duke’s scars drawing her closer to a man whose visage masks a heart capable of deep love and nobility…
Will this be the start of her fascination for the enigmatic man?

Henry Fitzgerald, bearing scars that mar not just his body but also his soul, stands as a guardian of a dukedom that was never fated to be his own. Trapped in societal expectations and haunted by his true lineage, Henry finds comfort in Arabella’s kindness. As their connection deepens, the revelation of his heritage sends shockwaves through his already fractured sense of self… Henry finds himself suddenly torn between the love he harbors for Arabella and the belief that he is unworthy of her.
The battle for his heart becomes a tempest, threatening to drown them both…

In a world filled with doubts, Arabella and Henry’s love stands strong, burning bright even in the toughest times. Facing betrayal, shocking truths, and a scheming cousin, they stay together, ready to forge their own destiny. Will their love last, or will they succumb to the pressures of their separate worlds?

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