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beneath justice, viola grace

Beneath Notice (An Obscure City #1) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Hazel was never the favourite daughter. One parent hated her, she revolted the other, and then she messed up at work when someone cursed her. It just wasn’t a good day.

Hazel has tried just to follow the family path and do what was asked of her. Her work in the financial industry has her pegged as an analyst and a notary for the company contracts. She has one secret she holds for herself, which is a small matter that gives her a reason to keep going.
A summons, a curse, and a blue-skinned elf tangle themselves into the worst day ever. She runs to a friend to get help with the curse, and her friend has to go to higher magic, the elf clan leader. He just happens to be the omega who gave birth to Hazel, and it doesn’t help untangle the disaster of her day.
An elf, a marriage contract, and surrogacy combine with Hazel to protect her and restart her life, but it is a little too much, and her new husband calls for an assist. Every girl needs her best friend when she has a new guy, family troubles, and a baby on the way. Good thing Sevval just showed up.

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