Before I Fall by Joelle Lynne, Courtney W. Dixon (ePUB)

before i fall, joelle lynne

Before I Fall by Joelle Lynne, Courtney W. Dixon – Free eBooks Download


Who’s going to catch me when I fall?

Everything has been taken from me. My home, my family, and the love of my life. Raising a child on my own isn’t how I envisioned my young life full of hopes and dreams. Now, my youth is gone, too. I had been drowning with no way out until him. The one man I didn’t expect to hold my head above water. Simon had married my aunt to hide his secrets, but he’s not afraid of who he is any longer, and is now living a single life. He’s a life force, and my savior when I was all alone in the dark. But he’s become more than just my former uncle, and I want him.

It was only supposed to be for two weeks, to help Evan out as he grieved while trying to care for a newborn. His aunt couldn’t get away, so I stepped in. But he needed more of my time. And during those couple of weeks, I remembered what it was like to have a family and to be part of something important. So, I uprooted my life in New York and moved back to our small town to help Evan and the baby. But everything has become so much more than that. I shouldn’t want him. Not only is he so much younger, but he used to be my nephew. Our families hate us enough, and I just can’t do that to Evan.

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