Becoming His Hotwife by Derek Masters (ePUB)

becoming his hotwife, derek masters

Becoming His Hotwife by Derek Masters – Free eBooks Download


All Amy wants is some fun and excitement and she’s tired of her small, sissy husband, Aaron, not giving it to her. Whoever told him that size doesn’t matter lied and it doesn’t help that he’s a “minute man” who’s as vanilla as they come. With, literally, size and time against him, he knows he’s quickly running out of options but thinks of a way to please his wife once and for all.
There’s a guy who could satisfy all of his wife’s needs and he goes by the username of bigbullcowboy. After stalking his posts, Aaron learns they live in the same town which offers him a ray of hope. Bigbullcowboy might be the key to saving his marriage and making his hot bride happy again, but when he presents the idea to Amy, she’s got plans of her own and it doesn’t involve the stranger from the internet. It involves someone a lot closer to home, a true threat to their marriage. Will Aaron be able to handle it or will his wife’s idea turn him on even more than the ultimate bull?

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