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because of them, melissa macomb

Because of Them (Highland Hearts #1) by Melissa Macomb – Free eBooks Download


When Mary and Roman Stephenson die in a fatal accident, they leave their 5-year old twins orphaned in a foreign land. Their last wish was that their respective siblings, Bram Carter and Tessa Stephenson, bring them up as a family. But Bram and Tessa have never even met, and when they do sparks begin to fly. Bram is a confirmed bachelor, and Tessa is well aware of that fact. She is committed to her life and career in Oklahoma City and wants to raise the children there, but Bram is CEO of a large company and wants to raise them in New York City.
The Scottish nanny, Mrs. MacThomas, has the unenviable job of trying to help Bram and Tessa get along, fall in love, and raise the twins as Mary and Roman wished. Although sparks fly whenever Bram and Tessa are together, there is always something in the way. Not least of which is Bram’s last fling, the beautiful socialite Katrina Rutherford.

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