Beauty & The Crime Boss by Zavi James (ePUB)

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Beauty & The Crime Boss (Foster Family #1) by Zavi James – Free eBooks Download


Lucas Foster lost his father four years ago. Along with the devastating loss, Luc took on the family business and channelled all his efforts into proving he isn’t a man that should be messed with. So, when Hector Griffin cannot repay his debt, Luc doesn’t think twice about taking his daughter as collateral.

Mia Griffin has always looked out for her Dad and agrees to Luc’s terms, but she doesn’t plan to make his life easy. Luc’s rules and aggressive attitude bring out Mia’s own hostility and soon enough the pair find themselves arguing over everything. But everyone in Luc’s life keeps telling Mia he is a good guy and Luc might be realizing that Mia is just the type of woman he needs.

As the unlikely pair start to admit their feelings for each other, Mia unearths a secret that could put her life in danger and threaten to tear Luc’s life apart. With the weight of the truth on her shoulders, Mia will need to decide whether to admit everything to Luc and upset the political balance of his world or to stay silent.

*This story contains sexual scenes, graphic violence, mature language and more. Reader discretion is advised.*

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