Beauty and the Brawn by Zora Black (ePUB)

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Beauty and the Brawn by Zora Black – Free eBooks Download


This orc is supposed to be my training partner…
But I’m planning on wrestling my way into his heart.

For years, I’ve loved to wrestle. But now, I’m not sure I want to keep going.
Until I meet this hunk.
Ronan is an amazing wrestler. And he brings me back to life.
He might be my total opposite. But he’s also the one who knows all my secret moves.
And soon, our wrestling matches move outside the sparring ring.
We can’t be caught together. It’s too risky. And yet…
I don’t want to tap out.
He’s got me where he wants me – locked in a hold I’m not sure I want out of.
In fact, I’m starting to realize…
I just might love being under his control.

Read on for: A hot and fierce orc, a sassy woman that can hold her own, steamy and hilarious scenes that bring them together, and a love that neither of them saw coming.

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