Beauty and the Beastly Highlander by Kenna Kendrick (ePUB)

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Beauty and the Beastly Highlander by Kenna Kendrick – Free eBooks Download


A recluse Laird, a lass with a dream, and a tale as old as time…

Etna is an unusual woman. First, there’s her tendency to speak her mind without thinking of the consequences. And, of course, there’s the fact she’s completely obsessed with gaining knowledge.
The only thing more important to her than reading is working as a tutor. But she doesn’t expect that her love of books will lead her to the cursed castle of a Laird, who is rumored to be a real beast.
Finley MacAlistair agreed to hire a tutor for his daughter, despite his rule to keep outsiders away. Believing there is a traitor near him who causes problems in his clan, he trusts no one.
When he meets the intriguing Etna, Finley thinks he made the wrong decision. The lass is outspoken, challenges his authority, and her presence is driving him mad with desire.
That’s a distraction he can’t afford!
But, Etna’s patience and tenderness slowly turn the recluse Highlander into the loving man he used to be.
However, she must never discover the sins of Finley’s past. For he committed an unforgivable crime, and the greatest victim is his own child…
He made her dreams come true. She lifted his curse…

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