Beauty and the Beast by Georgia Le Carre (ePUB)

beauty and beast, georgia le carre

Beauty and the Beast by Georgia Le Carre – Free eBooks Download


I did something crazy to help pay for my dad’s medical bills.
I’ve allowed myself to become the mistress of a lowlife crook for a month. But it is starting to look as if I may have made a bargain with the devil himself because he won’t let me go even though the time we agreed upon is long gone.
He now claims he’s not done with me and our agreement ends when he says it does.
And if I attempt to leave or involve the police he will hurt my mother.

My skin always crawled when he touched me, but I gritted my teeth and told myself it was only for a month, but that comfort has been snatched away.
I fear there is no way out other than another crazy act.
Burying a knife in his chest.

Then out of nowhere everything changes. A lifeline.
A tall, mysterious man with icy gray eyes that pierce my soul and sensuous lips that make my heart race, steps into the sordid world I am living in.
He’s wearing the kind of suit and shoes that costs thousands, and a scar on his face that rumor says came from a tiger.
Yeah, I’ve heard of him. In this city who hasn’t?
Luca Messana, the head of Boston’s ruling Mafia family.

He wants me. That much is clear.
What he does next takes my breath away…

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