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bears not included, chloe kent

Bears Not Included (A Dark Twist in her Fairytale #1) by Chloe Kent – Free eBooks Download


This is how I say goodbye to my mom.

My mom believed that fairytales were real. She believed that before the three bears were a family with a father, a mother, and a child, they were three grown men, fierce and scary. That’s the fairytale she believed in.
She wasn’t crazy. She was right.
When I find the very cottage in which they lived, hidden deep in the mountains, I can finally lay my mom to rest in peace.
Three bowls. Three chairs. Three beds.
The cottage looks like a museum, and there’s something eerie about it.
And just when I think I’m going to be okay as well, I find myself trapped in the cottage with no way out except a door that leads to a dark basement.
I’ve trespassed on private property, and three faceless voices give me instructions. The only way out is if I do three things.
Eat from a bowl. Sit on a chair. Lie on a bed.
Except there are no bears included in my story.
They’re watching me from a hidden camera.
And there is nothing innocent about the things they make me do.

Please note, Bears Not Included is not a paranormal shifter romance. It’s a contemporary mafia romance served with a twisted fairytale retelling. Also, please note, this book is not for sensitive readers.

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