Beachside Weddings by Fiona Baker (ePUB)

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Beachside Weddings (Marigold Island #6) by Fiona Baker – Free eBooks Download


After giving the Beachside Inn a glowing review, travel blogger Meredith Walters will be returning to walk down the aisle at the old inn. Between coordinating that event and planning her own wedding, Lydia barely has a moment to breathe.
An old acquaintance of Millie’s, Carl Hopkins, has moved into the recently vacated house next door to hers… and she’s anything but happy to see him. Long-forgotten rivalries resurface, and a dispute over a tree has each of them trying to recruit Marigold’s citizens to their side.
Meanwhile, Angela is worried about Jake being bullied at school, and Patrick needs to get started on his next thriller novel—except his creative muse is pulling him in an entirely different direction.
But all of that takes a back seat when a hurricane comes barreling toward the island. As everyone prepares for a potentially disastrous storm, the things that really matter rise to the surface.
Family. Friendship. Hope. And the enduring power of love.

Come dip your toes in the crystal blue waters of Marigold Island, a fictional island town tucked in next to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This heartwarming and uplifting women’s fiction will sweep you away (and it might make you a little hungry too)!

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