Beachside Beginnings by Fiona Baker (ePUB)

beachside beginnings, fiona baker

Beachside Beginnings (Marigold Island #2) by Fiona Baker – Free eBooks Download


Return to Marigold Island and visit Lydia, Angela, and their family and friends!

The Beachside Inn is up and running, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact, things are busier than ever! After months of preparation, Angela and Lydia are finally hosting their first guests—including Patrick, who needs a place to stay while he hunts for a new house.

Tourist season is ramping up, and the Summer Sand Festival is right around the corner. Grant and Lydia are spending more time together, letting their budding relationship grow as they both begin to move on from the losses of their past.

Angela is thrilled to see her friend so happy, and she’s happy, too. She knows ending things with Scott was the right decision, even if she misses having a romantic partner in her life. And she finds herself bonding with Patrick as they both navigate the ups and downs of divorce. Despite how awkward she used to be around him when she was a teenager with a crush, he’s surprisingly easy to talk to.

But even as she starts to wonder if her friendship with Patrick could turn into something deeper, Scott shows back up in her life, promising to do better and asking for a second chance.

Will Angela return to the past or embrace the new beginnings she’s found on Marigold Island?

Meanwhile, Brooke decides to adopt a furry friend, and Hunter has a big audition for a film role. Travis is finally starting to think he might like to settle down, although he’s not exactly excited about the dating apps Brooke helps him sign up for. And an unexpected health issue sends Phoebe to the emergency room.

It’s a summer of changes and challenges, but with laughter, love, and faith, anything is possible.

Come dip your toes in the crystal blue waters of Marigold Island, a fictional island town tucked in next to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This heartwarming and uplifting women’s fiction will take you on a journey of healing, friendship, family, faith, and love.

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