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Be My Romantic Nerd (Lonely Hearts Club) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


I never thought I’d be coming back home and the embarrassment of having to move back in with Mom and Dad is enough to make me rethink the plan.
Nothing has changed in our small neighborhood, even the guy living next door to my parents is the same one from when I left ten years ago.
Apparently, Zaen’s parents moved to Florida and he bought the house—my father’s weird pride in Zaen’s accomplishment digs my failures deeper into my gut.
Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and my archnemesis from high school invites me to her party.
I should skip it, but something says I need to go.
So I need a date and I need one fast. Enter Zaen Barrett.
But when he comes to the door, he’s looking a lot less nerdy and a whole lot hotter than I remember.
Will returning home end up the best worst-thing I’ve ever done?

Love my job as a computer programmer. It’s exactly what people thought I’d do when I grew up.
I wouldn’t call myself a nerd. I’m just your average, sensitive, joke-cracking, trivia-gifted, curious, not-out-to-impress anyone guy.
When Adley Westbrook comes home to live next door, I’m back to being that bumbling nerd she knew in high school.
And she needs my help, and I’m ready to prove to her that I can be her Valentine for more than one night.
She’s curvy, sweet, and I’m ready to make all my teenage dreams come true.
But convincing her is going to take all the brains I’ve got…and a little Valentine’s magic.

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