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be mine, danielle baker

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It’s Valentine’s Day.
Busiest day of the year for Valentina Compton’s little flower shop that she runs with her two sisters. There’s roses. Chocolate covered strawberries. Professions of love… And Val just got dumped. Freaking. Awesome.
When the sexy as sin coffee shop owner next door overhears Val’s pitiful and unglamorous plans for the night– which include a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, a bottle of wine, and a horror flick– he tells her to be ready at seven. No excuses.
Because he is going to be her Valentine’s date. Well, her fake Valentine’s date.
But when Beau shows up at her door, the woman that he’s known for ages steps out and knocks his damn socks off. Little black dress. Sky high red heels. Velvety red lips. This is a fake date, right? That’s what the deal was. One fake Valentine’s date to make that loser ex-boyfriend of hers regret his decisions in life.
Wrong. Because one fake date with Valentina is never going to be enough for Beau. Not now.
Not ever.

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