Bathed in Blood by Callie Moss (ePUB)

bathed in blood, callie moss

Bathed in Blood (Dark Desires and Sinful Sweethearts #1) by Callie Moss – Free eBooks Download


People are awful and circumstances, positions, perspectives are always changing. Life is constantly evolving and devolving, rapidly. In the blink of an eye, everything you thought you had, thought you were, is gone. What remains a constant throughout all life’s infinite changes? The fact that people are awful. I am one of those awful people, made this way by people that are even more awful than me. I owe a debt one far more valuable than money, one that can’t simply be paid in installments with cash. A life debt, but not my life… other’s lives. Innocent, unsuspecting lives in the worst ways possible.

Ways that would make your skin crawl and I do it on camera. They call me the Blood Princess, known for taking lives in all manner of horrible ways. A myth online, a legend. Today was like any other, bloody and awful. I did was I was supposed to do; played my part perfectly. Put on the perfect show. Only this time, I underestimated my victim. We all underestimated him. Vastly. He had no interest in being a part of my little show. What did he have an interest in? Once again, changing my circumstances. He calls me his princess. Says I belong to him now. I fear he has more blood on his hands than I.

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