Barista and the Beast by Addison Arrowdell (ePUB)

barista and beast, addison arrowdell

Barista and the Beast by Addison Arrowdell – Free eBooks Download


Awakening in an opulent mansion with no explanation, Bonnie discovers she’s been abducted by the mysterious, brooding man who frequents her coffee shop. While navigating the luxurious yet ominous confines of his world, Bonnie is determined to unravel the reason for her kidnapping. And escape.
In the midst of mysterious rooms and hidden dangers, Bonnie discovers another side of billionaire, Luke Farouche—a man haunted by a troubled past, with secrets that run deeper than the scars that mark him. As Bonnie delves into the depths of Luke’s heart, she realizes that beneath the beastly exterior lies a tortured soul yearning for redemption.
As danger lurks around every corner and the line between captor and captive blurs, Bonnie and Luke find themselves entangled in a web of passion and suspense. Will Bonnie survive as her captor’s past catches up with him? Or will she have to kill the beast . . .

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