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Ballet Shoes and Boots by Katie Shand – Free eBooks Download


Rachel Mohr has escaped a lot in her life, and though she wants to escape love, it won’t seem to leave her alone.

Her love is what drives her. Whether it’s teaching ballet, caring for her daughter, or finding the one—love finds a way to persist.
When financial hardship forces her to leave the big city and move back to her tiny hometown in Hope’s Point, Wyoming, she embraces love and decides to restore her old ballet studio. Nothing else could go wrong, or so she hopes.
The last thing Gideon Wright needs is something complicated. Between his on-off relationship with a city slicker, his job as a fireman, and a fizzled relationship with his immediate family— he can’t take much else.
But when a new girl comes into town and his Aunt Judy plays matchmaker, he’s thrown for a loop. There is something undeniable about their connection. He can’t place it, he can just feel it, but it’s not the right time—it’s never the right time.

Caught in a love that should be strictly platonic, they dance between the what-ifs of an undeniable connection. Why are they trying so hard to stay friends when they both want so much more?

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