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Bad Girl (Alphahole Roommates #3) by D.D. Prince – Free eBooks Download


You met Ally Kingston in Alphahole when the colorful character informed Carly that she was her new BFF.
Ally suddenly finds herself with an alphahole roommate, too!
Jude and Ally locked eyes in a club and had chemistry up the wazoo when they danced. The night got cut short just as Ally found out Jude is a private eye.
Retreat! Retreat!
Ally Kingston is NOT my real name. I have secrets that I don’t want unearthed.
See, I’ve been a bit of a bad girl.
I have to keep my secrets. I have to keep everyone at arms’ length. I also have to ignore the crackling sexual tension between us. Try as I might, no amount of hate I try to throw at him works. He just won’t go away!
So, I indulge in a wild night of hate sex, figuring he’d get his fill and move on.
He’s more in my space than ever.
Now the tattooed and muscled hottie private eye is not only trying to stick his nose in my business, but he’s pulled some strings – I know he has – so he can move into my corporate apartment and get even more in my space.
I’m pretty sure I’m doomed to fail at keeping him out of my business and out of my bed. Not only is Jude not backing down in his efforts to get me to yield, my past is also about to catch up with me.

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