Bad Daddy’s Desirable Little by Mary Potter (ePUB)

desirable little, mary potter

Bad Daddy’s Desirable Little (Bad Daddies of Texas #3) by Mary Potter – Free eBooks Download


She’s a troubled Little with a terrible Daddy. He’s a Daddy without a Little…

I’m done with Frank and his reckless lifestyle.
I hate the playdates with other Daddies and Littles.
I hate how Frank is always treating me like a toy, not a Little.
I want a normal life with a Daddy who forces me to participate in playdates.
I want to leave Frank…
That’s when I met him…
He shows up with an auntie at Walmart, and they offer me a job as an auntie.
What are they going to do when they find out that I’m a Little?

I’m tired of life as a single Daddy.
Everywhere I go, it feels like everyone’s getting together.
I feel like I’m alone, doomed to be single forever.
What’s even worse is that there is no one new at the farm.
So, I don’t see the harm with going to town with Auntie Gracie.
It’ll get me out of the house and away from the constant reminder that I may forever be alone.
However, I wasn’t expecting to meet the absolute perfect Little.
With the perfect Little comes plenty of trouble, though.

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