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Bad Company (Too Bad It’s Fake #6) by Jamie Knight – Free eBooks Download


Jacob: We grew close when we were strangers, living far apart.
Now we’re roommates and she’s my fake fiancée!
When I was deployed, letters from my anonymous pen pal kept me sane.
I told this stranger everything, never expecting to meet her in real life.
But when I get home,imagine my shock when I learn that she’s she’s my twin sister’s best friend!
My mystery correspondent now appears before me.
Charlotte’s like a curvy, gorgeous angel.
I need to prove to my landlord that I’m stable enough, as a PTSD-ridden vet, to rent an apartment.
When I share my dilemma, she agrees to be my fake fiancée and co-sign my lease.
And I can’t keep my eyes off her, for real.
I’ve never felt this comfortable with anyone.
Since she knows all my dark secrets, she must think I’m bad company.
But I’m determined to make this fake set up real, forever.

Charlotte: My best friend’s brother has been my secret pen pal!
And now we’re also fake engaged.
I signed up with a pen pal service for soldiers stationed overseas.
While I was corresponding with mine, I made a best friend at college.
Imagine my surprise when I find out it’s been her brother all along.
The words in Jacob’s letters spoke to me.
Now that we’re standing face to face, it’s not speaking that I want to do.
I’m much better at writing to people than dealing with them face to face.
This tall, hot guy I’ve shared all my thoughts with has me tongue-tied.
I’m quick to help him out by becoming his fake fiancé and roommate.
But I know better than anyone that facing his demons could take a while.
Can our story of coincidences and pretend situations lead to lasting love?

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