Bad Boy’s Convenient Wife by Mayra Statham (ePUB)

bad boy's convenient wife, mayra statham

Bad Boy’s Convenient Wife (Galentine’s Groupies) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


Jax Porter
I used to be the bad boy from Soul Obsession.
Now I’m a mechanic living in the outskirts of Vegas, under the radar, until I receive the call I have been dreading for a decade.
I don’t mind going back into the studio. I love music. But the idea of hitting the chaos of the road makes my skin crawl. After one too many beers, I come up with a plan to help make life a little more bearable while keeping an eye on my sweet neighbor all at once.

Daniela Delano
I’ve been crushing on my broody neighbor, but from what I can tell, I’ve been friend-zoned.
Turns out my quiet neighbor is none other than the bad boy from the boy band I used to listen to as a teenager, and he is making me an offer I can’t refuse!
A marriage of convenience will help me make the bakery I’ve been dreaming of opening one day a reality. How can I say no?
When the lines start to blur, I don’t know what’s real and not, and I’m afraid the adventure of my dreams has heartbreak written all over it.
Could we be a sweet duo made in heaven? Or will we end up walking away solo?

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