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back to willow, mel veran

Back to Willow (Back #1) by Mel Véran – Free eBooks Download


At twenty-two, raising a child while working and studying is no joke, but I’m managing to keep my head above water—only just. There’s no other option for a young, single mother like me.
While life hasn’t been perfect for quite some time, it has improved drastically since we moved here, with the help of my grandmother. It was meant to be a new beginning. A new city and new people to help me build a new life.
I hoped this would help me move on and keep all those demons where they belong—in the past.
But fate is hellbent on showing me otherwise.
Not only have I stumbled right into my first—and only—ex-boyfriend, but I’ve also opened deep wounds that live in my heart. The two secrets I have been trying my hardest to keep locked down are now under threat of being uncovered.

With his insistent demands for answers and closure, I have no choice but to face my past, and I’m now faced with the life-changing decision: do I run away again, or will I be able to reveal truths that are too painful to be said out loud?

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