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baby llama drama, kate watson

Baby Llama Drama (Sweet as Sugar Maple #2) by Kate Watson – Free eBooks Download


Embittered single dad Duke has sworn off love forever.
Unfortunately, his daughter just met the mother of her dreams.
I have it all. I work my dream job doing animal-assisted therapy, I live with the four best friends in history, and I own an actual pair of Louboutins. I should be content. Right?
Except, ever since an adorable toddler begged me to be her momma, I want more, and an insta-family is my only chance at motherhood. Unfortunately, her absurdly hot NFL star dad isn’t quite as enthusiastic about me as she is. In fact, if I didn’t know better, I’d think he was avoiding me.
At least until his nanny leaves abruptly mid season. Now, he’s knocking down my door, pleading with me to help watch the little girl I’ve already fallen in love with.
And the more he knocks, the more I’m in danger of falling for him, too.
Never get married. Seriously, people, don’t do it.
If you never get married, your influencer wife can’t abandon you and your baby during the middle of your cancer treatments. It doesn’t matter that you kick cancer’s butt or come back to the NFL stronger than ever.
Love is for suckers.
Which is why meeting the intriguing, far too intuitive Millie Campbell is so frustrating. Isn’t it enough that she’s drop dead gorgeous? Does she also have to be the mother of my daughter’s dreams?
Love is a brutal sport, and I have no intention of playing it ever again. But if I do get back in the game, Millie needs to know one thing:
I play for keeps.

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