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Baby Heal the Pain (Agents of HEAT #3) by Harper Cross – Free eBooks Download


He was in the wrong place at the right time and saved her. Now he’s hellbent on protecting her life, even if it ruins his.

As the field doctor for the best team in the off-the-books spy agency HEAT, I’m a healer, not a fighter. But when enemy agents ambush me, I’m left battling for my life. My one hope for surviving is the former Army Ranger my team sent to extract me.
I quickly realize my sexy savior Evan Prescott wasn’t sent by HEAT after all. He might be an enemy agent, which means falling for him will either heal my heart or ruin my career.
But if loving him is wrong, I might never be right again.

My assignment from Sentinel Security sounds simple: go to a nearby hotel to help an Army Special Ops soldier’s who’s in trouble. Things get complicated fast because the soldier is dead, there’s a kidnapping in progress in the parking garage, and a beautiful woman with an ugly concussion literally falls into my arms.
By the time Dr. Samantha Bond tells me she’s a spy on the run and I should leave her to save myself, it’s too late. I’m already falling for this sexy woman who is no one’s damsel in distress.
And I’ll protect her at all costs, consequences be damned.


Agents of HEAT is ta protector romance series about smokin’ hot, off-the-books secret agents who work hard and play harder. Perfect series for readers who like Killing Eve and The Flight Attendant.

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