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baby daddy, day leclaire

Baby Daddy (Baby, Oh Baby! #1) by Day Leclaire – Free eBooks Download


Child genius, Hutch Lonigan knows exactly what his mom needs for her birthday — a husband! And if that also provides him with a dad, he won’t complain. But his mother has put any possibility of marriage firmly behind her. No way, no how will she end up in another disastrous relationship.

So Hutch decides to solve the problem logically by walking into the Yellow Rose Matchmakers agency with all his savings and demanding the best man he can get for nine dollars … and change!
As the sleeping partner in the family business, rancher Ty Merrick didn’t expect the computer to cough up his name, but it did, with a 99.2% almost-perfect match. After meeting Cassidy Lonigan and snatching one deliciously passionate kiss, Ty is hearing wedding bells. Only it’s going to take more than sweet talk and kisses to persuade this stubborn women up the aisle.

To his surprise, he receives help—if you can call it that—from Hutch, who uses his brilliance to devise devious schemes to throw the two together and convince them that they’re 100% meant to end up as husband, wife, and son.

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