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b-mine, ava olsen

B-Mine (Wayward Lane #2) by Ava Olsen – Free eBooks Download


Holloway: I’m the lead guitarist for Wayward Lane and I love everything about my rockstar life. Everything except my security detail. All it takes is one obsessed fan and I find myself constantly shadowed by the one bodyguard I love to tease and evade: Dawson Everly. Dawson lives by strict rules, and I’m a free spirit, so naturally, we argue at every turn. But my flirtation and his aggravation is a combustible mix and suddenly I discover there are some orders I don’t mind taking. And those strings I avoid? They start looking pretty good. Thing is, Dawson has a son and I never imagined I’d fall, let alone for a family man.
But every rockstar has their day – is it crazy that I want Dawson to be mine?

Dawson: As a bodyguard for Wayward Lane, I’ve seen all the rockstar shenanigans. The biggest troublemaker? The guy who loves to escape his detail: guitarist, Iain Holloway. He’s stunning, spontaneous, and a pain in my… you get the picture. I’ve tried keeping my professional distance but it’s getting impossible to ignore the attraction between us. But falling for a rockstar is a risk I’m not prepared for. I have an eight-year-old son, Jaxon, who means everything to me. The single dad guilt is hitting hard when I’m on the road and the time has come to make a choice.
Only, my heart doesn’t belong solely to my son anymore. It turns out, Iain has managed to find a way in there too.

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